September 25, 2013 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

Now that I have chosen to BE just who I am,
And express myself more fully, as a woman or a man,
I can GIVE myself completely in love again and again!

The Pele Report with French subtitles
The written Pele Report in English, Spanish, or French
(above will be links as soon as these documents become available)

There is just too much to say, this is too big of a topic to cover in a short Pele Report! I am hosting a “Love and Intimacy in the Horoscope” webinar starting next month and will be doing workshops over the next 6 months while we still have the Moon’s Node and Saturn in Scorpio. This rebalancing of the masculine and feminine is also more than love and intimacy…. it has to do with POWER (and whose got it!), ownership, money, influence, and beyond that social/governmental/financial institutions CHANGING that have been holding the lid on all of humanity. Will try to include these other topics as well in future Pele Reports