October 30, 2013 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

click here for the 9 degrees astrology chart
click here for the Solar Eclipse astrology chart

I refuse to bow or ask for permission,
To speak my truth and stand my position,
As I join with others who share the same vision,
Of growing beyond limits imposed by “The System.

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That’s Uranus square Pluto (exact Friday) and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Mercury/Saturn! Oh Yeah! In the beginning of the report (oops…forgot the captions haha!) is the chart for the Solar Eclipse on Sunday and you can see the 9 and 11 degrees I spoke about. At the end of the report is another chart for Friday in which you can see the exact Uranus/Pluto square along with Mars, Chiron, and the Sun all at 9 degrees! Nine is a number of completion and I hope you are wrapping it up and movin’ on! Namaste’