To BE continuous..

jonathanAs Hermann Hesse wrote in Steppenwulf, this column will be for madmen only.

Provided to you by your Jonathan Livingston Seagull, your favourite court fool.

‘Why is there something, rather than nothing?’
‘Who am i?’ 
‘What is my task?’

livingstonePosing these questions within our cultural canon by and large is an invitation to various forms of denial. Stanley Cohen has described these in ‘States of denial’. What makes this book extra interesting is that he describes his own denial regarding the suffering of animals: he can hold the concept of their suffering in his mind, feels compassion for them and sees himself not acting according to his thoughts and feelings.

Why is this canon the way it is? Did it grow spontaneously, organically, logically [at least in retrospect], or were and are there other influences?

seagullWhy does denial regarding things that matter most to us when we are in existential pain [loved one suffers, fear for NDAA, etc] seem to be the default modus operandi in ‘normal life’ ?

How deep is this rabbit hole and do we need & dare to take the red pill?

As one notices, all these questions lead towards situating the current dominant canon. They do so with a vengeance: not addressing them will lead all of us further astray. While addressing them, that is practicing the mind [and heart] set that seeks to do so, is an important ingredient of the system change we need and can bring about / co create.


freedomThere’s much to be said on our collective evolution and next time, we’ll drill some holes here and there. For the fun of it.

Be good where & when you can, be happy when you can’t.



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