Shadow reflex reflected on the Matrix

dollartekensIn reflecting upon events, an exclusive focus mostly is on exteriors [physical properties such as quantity, size, public opinion, etc].

Internal / psychological / experience dimensions are mostly omitted.
This renders the reflecting one sided and -thus- ineffective in any effort to act upon it in any life serving way.
Until recently psychological and cultural perspectives included interiors, but increasingly are limited to exteriors.
The qualities we don’t acknowledge, for fear of a lopsided version of these qualities, create what Jung called our shadow.
This shadow is sub conscious and therefor effective in steering our thoughts, desires, fears, will.
Examples: give someone access to big sums of money and/or power and morality and empathy corrode quickly.
A recent experiment regarding racism on BNN illustrates this [available on]
An experiment where psychologists noticed within themselves that they got aloof and obnoxious when given a head start in playing Monopoly []
Marketeers know this small time and use it to get rich; banksters know this big time and use it for their grand schemes of acquiring power.

Bill Hicks has some radical ideas on what marketeers should do, a plethora of people on the internet has radical ideas on what banksters should do


integraldiagram-wilberWhat makes this shadow extra interesting, is that it can be fed without the persona knowing.
In ‘predictive programming’ this is used. This is an insidious scheme where the abilities of people to co create an emerging future are hijacked.
It could well be that there’s some sort of mores among the puppeteers, one which adds pleasure to the puppeteer as well as builds in a ‘i told you so’ defense in upcoming confrontations.
This can be seen in main stream Hollywood movies.
In the following a brief sketch will be offered in how some of these movies tell a story approaching how our Matrix is constructed.
The Truman show   : you’re in a show [Matrix] and only when you dare leaving your -old- life, you’ll meet the -would be- directors of your life
Star Wars       : following your inner guide makes you clear, effective, get out of your level of reality / matrix / illusion
Jonathan Livingston Seagull     : when you get out of your level of reality / matrix / illusion, you can choose between continuing onwards and return to assist like minded people
Being there    : given the right circumstances anyone can be interpreted/made into being an emperor with clothes on
The Net    : increased digitization [centralizing] makes you prey for those at the dials
Assault on Wall street     : last scene summarizes the 99 – 1 % issue
Eyes wide shut      :  secret societies are here and are driven by high power + low spiritual development
Wag the dog       : the powers that be / the elite can make you believe anything
Fair game     : debunking official narratives is as heroic as it is ineffective in addressing the issue at hand
Conspiracy theory   : in a sick society, the sane are -labelled- sick
Oblivion     : there’s an outside force, steering the bandwidth we default into as we develop
Next time some ramblings on how the gatekeepers work.

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