A ticket to Athens

TicketToAthensIt’s just a ride‘ Bill Hicks said in one of his stage performances.
With which i concur,

When taking the time to watch interviews with intellectuals such as Chris Hedges [see video beneath], Jim Marrs , Joseph Farrell , Edward Griffin , it’s sheer inevitable to become unsettled.

Together with what Bill Hicks refers to, there’s work to do in any effort to stay sane.

This work can only be done by means currently largely [-allowed to be- made] unknown. These means reside in the interior domain, as put forth in the previous blog entry.

As i experience it, meditation, or even better an integral life practice , is the way to do the work.

With the intellectuals mentioned, this next step beyond the brain is not incorporated.
This reminds me of a presentation i made some 15yrs ago, based on Gouldner’s Intellectual’s and the rise of the new class‘ [6, when i attended University of Humanistics’ DBA programme]
At the end of the 1st part of the Zeitgeist trilogy, there’s a clip from a speech by Krishnamurti, which illustrates this issue

Finally, Ken Wilber [as often] saves the day, by merging Bill Hicks’ perspective with that of the engaged intellectuals

For those interested in the question from the first blog [why is there something, rather than nothing’], Ken Wilber also offers hope: it’s no fun having dinner alone

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