Put politicians on minimum wage and watch how fast things change.

the trickle down effect is mostly known from the economic domain and works from higher to lower. The movie ‘Wall Street’ illustrates this well.
regarding an aspect in the economic domain one can notice a variation on this effect:

in 2007 there was a documentary named ‘Zeitgeist’ [1] in which the creation of money was addressed. Only after watching it 3 times and seeing related documentaries the grandness of this heist began dawning on me. The first few attempts i tried to get my mind around it, i failed royally. It was too big to comprehend in any meaningful way.
What helped was Bill Still’s ‘The Secret of Oz’ [2], Edward Griffin’s ‘The Creature of Jekyll Island’ [3] and being involved with establishing a coop bank [4].
the more fundamental and pre conscious beliefs are, the more we have invested in them, the more we will apply Procrustes bed tactics to new information [5]. Given the dominance of  non reflective ways of being in contemporary society [6], these beliefs can be trusted to remain in place even under severe pressure.
sometimes anomalous moments of clarity happen in a person, creating a significant and painful split: stick with -what more likely than not appears as- ones BS and keep the accompanying comfort zone in tact, or act upon ones higher insight and endanger ones comfort zone. Prof Frankfurt has illustrated how BS works: the bullshitter doesn’t lie; he doesn’t care about the truth [7].
which on a side bar brings 2 persons to the fore: Orson Wells’ ‘3rd sex’; that of the politician. [Ideally speaking] these represent some people / societal tendencies, rather than having qualities themselves [8] and Frank Zappa:
frank zappa
where certain economically oriented recepies for change for the better are worth considering
the issue of integrity, authenticity, respect deserves some thoughts now: to the extent one has an interest in maintaining one’s comfort zone and has an antipathy against the self image of a liar of some sort, lying to oneself becomes attractive
since lying presupposes a connection of some sort with truth, which is hard to distinguish anyway, BS easily becomes the modus operandi of choice. What also helps is that our society, where big corporations and the state collude [what was the name again Mussolini gave to this phenomenon?], marketing is king. The larger audience buys anything from diapers to wars, when properly marketed [9]. Bill Hick’s solution [10] probably wouldn’t work, given the underlying drivers [11]
Eisenhower is one of the persons that stands out in public office. His stance reminds one of how a military style approach could help in serving all sentient life, as can be seen in ‘First Earth Battalion’ [12] and ‘Waging peace’ [13]. According to Joseph Farrell [14], Eisenhower’s farewell speech [15] was made shortly after a visit to San Carlos de Bariloche [16]. A village near a large ranch, where Nazi’s continued some of their cherished technological programs, such as the Bell [17]. Explicitly suggesting that Eisenhower was referring to Nazi technologies, rather than those with other actors in the weapon race.
the military
for the Dutch readers it’s interesting to note that their current king & queen in 2007 acquired some real estate nearby [18], that the kings granddad [Bernhard] was befriended with Juan Perón, was involved with Nazi activities [19], was one of the founders of the Bilderberg conferences [20] and that his mother attends the Bilderberg conferences
finally, returning to the top, Joseph Farrell makes an interesting connection between the Nazi loot [which after the war they would have lent out to Allied bankers] and the 2008 economic turmoil: the loans could have become due and the Nazi’s carry significantly bigger sticks then those under control of the bank[st]ers [21]. Movies as ‘Iron Sky’ can be seen as efforts to ridicule such lines of reasoning
ok, see you on the flip side

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