Excuse us Prime Minister sir, but we are outraged!

tekening paul boze menigte

During the elections of the European Parliament, 37% of the Dutch population showed up at the ballot box. That meant that 63% (the exact representation of the percentage within the populace that voted against Europa in 2009) made a clear statement against Brussels. One could say that the noshows couldn’t care less about Europe, or deliberately voted against it by a no show. Furthermore one third (1/3) of the voters, voted for a anti-European party. Which in fact means that only 25% of the Dutch electorat: 1 on 4 citizens entitled to vote, voted for a pro – European party.
Soon afterwards, the representative politicians and the astoundingly pro- European Dutch mainstream media, declared that the Netherlands had massively and convincingly chosen for Europe. A pro- European statement to say the least. As we can hardly call this a display of democratic principles.

In a real democracy, at least more than half (1:2) of the population form the mayority and therefor the format of the administration that is bestowed upon the electorat. In the rest of Europe we see the same tactics being used to enforce this plutocratic behemoth that doesn t even bother to hide anymore that it is on the leash of the global monopolist corperations and their coinciding banks. And let their be no mistake, these entities have no intention whatsoever, to create an allpowerful political politburo just for your benifit and wellbeing. What are you, or better “we” as in “us” going to do about it?

On the 1st of may 2014 Jerry Agema and the members of Landelijke Demonstratie 2013. (National Demonstration 2013) Rotterdam Revolt, the Contra Club en a diversity of action and interest groups from all over the country, gathered to combine forces and take up their brooms, and head for De Hague to attend the demonstration called: The big spring cleaning of De Hagues political centre. At 15.00 o clock the demonstrators were to sweep the streets clean and clear of the filth that causes so much discontent and such a mess through our society.  And to give this misconduct of our government residents amongst the people, a face.

It was quite a shame really that the marginal rise against the political agenda of the Europhile politicians in the Netherlands never reached its goal

Exept fo a group of cleaning ladies, pikeys, lorrydrives, earthquakevictims of a third world province, a handful rebellious Rotterdamners, die hard activists and some questionably dodgy highpriests of some sort. As the rest of Holland remains dormant int he slumber of their homes. Good for them eh?

At last they didn’t miss the mainstream newsreport on the Turkish demonstrations, with 50.000 demonstrators at Takhim Square on the same day as the cleansweep of De Hague, with a total of 65.
Something you wíll be able to count on is the police,whom  in these particular cases, can be quite reliable.

Is our kabinet in a crisis?  Well ofcourse look at them.. that just can’t be good. But seriously what could be going on?
Check out the video at the bottom:  What will it be? You or the EU?



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