Pele Report 15 october

Within the maelstrom of right and wrong,
I offer you my hand,
As I help you and you help me,
To reach the promised land.
If there are walls that need to come down, peace treaties that need to be written, relationships that need to be mended, this is the time to do it. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, North Node conjunction in Libra, the sign of harmony, beckons us to overcome our need to remain solid within ourselves and hide behind our walls of self protection. As I say in the report, this does not mean it is easy or some kind of walk in the park, but almost an evolutionary challenge! You may just find out how high your walls are, how clingy you are to what you “thought” was not big deal, and just how hard it is to share. And I don’t mean sharing stuff you really don’t care about, but sharing the “gold” haha! Give it up!

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