A bedtime story from a garden called Eden


“This little bedtime story is my first story on Soulvability. It has been inspired by my family and friends. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I leave it free for anyone’s imagi-pretation. I hope it tickles and twists with a giggle.”

Imagine that there once was a small little garden I’de like to call Eden. This garden has an amazing amount of diversity in life. Flowers to trees, from insects to funghi.. Everyone lives to do what they do best: grow to become the best that they can be in the life they live. I observe an unspoken respect for each other, knowing they all need the help off others to thrive and live in abundance. For eventually the fruit that comes from this help is greater than the fruit without the help. What they don’t need, they leave behind for others to use.. It almost seams like every organism is aware of the worth of the other. It’s a beautiful place were respect rains for all that lives and dies, and no one takes more than it needs. For as far as our understanding of these words go, I dare to say the garden life lives in peace and harmony with itself.


Now one day, a miracle happens.. Imagine the apple tree growing a self-consciousness.. even more crazy, it can think and talk in its own language off course. An apple tree only really knows apples. It is not the same as a pear tree or a mole.. So a little bit isolated in it’s new found ability it starts to philosophize.. about the meaning and the possibilities of its own existence, and the influence of all the organisms around it. It starts to think about it’s goals in life, it realizes that it only has 2 goals: grow tall, produce offspring. It starts to think about what makes life possible for it to even exist. So it acknowledges his lifegivers: the sun, the soil and the rain.. And in all it’s awe the apple tree decides to worship it’s life givers. It’s whole being is focussed on following the sun, it grows even bigger roots to hold on to the earth, and tries to absorb as much water as it can through all the pores it has in it’s body.



But life is hard.. The sun doesn’t always shine, the rain doesn’t always fall, and when it does, it sometimes washes the ground from its roots. it starts to get in contempt with life. It realizes that it can maybe use it’s thinking ability to increase its yield and growth. “Maybe I can do better, if I convince everyone to be an apple tree.” The work to realize my goals will become easier because I am not alone any more. So it starts to talk to the clovers, trying to convince the clovers to become an apple tree all in the name of the sun, the ground and the water.. The clovers can identify itself with this religion, but it cant turn itself into an apple tree. Actually the clovers are offended by the thinkings of the apple tree and decides to ignore it complete and migrate as far away possible as the can. Clearly frustrated, the apple tree directs its focus to the mole.. Before it can even talk about it’s needs to the mole, the mole curses the sun.. “I hate the sun, for it tries to burn my skin, how can you be so deluded? I want nothing to do with the sun, or any of the kind that worship it. The netherworld is my territory. The upper world only brings great dangers and troubles. My cousin was eaten by a fox last year. And he left his leftovers to be dried-out in the sun.. Simply cruel.. The world would be a much better place if we’d just compost you upperworld-dwellers the sun don’t shine no more! Do you know what, I will make it my personal lifes goal, to make sure this will happen.” And the mole went on his way nibbling on every root he could find.



As time passed, the ground surrounding the apple tree laid barren, because their were no more clovers to cover the ground. The rain washed the soil away because it had no roots to hold it together and forced the mole to retreat. And eventually the apple tree fell because it lost its grip through the moles actions and erosion and died.. The mole on its own wasn’t capable of fighting the water any longer and drowned in a flood and his corpse was left to dry out and be eaten by the fox..


The garden was never seen again in this same in its original state since..

This is how I see life..

You will always find arguments that rule in favour of your chosen position.. So we can keep on arguing on for ever and ever.. But isn’t that exactly the same thing that all religious wars and crusades are about? The feeling of superior importance above the other.. Strangely enough, something that goes against the central core of all religions: treat another as thyself? Religion might be contradictory, but the fight against it is also,

Peace in this universe in my eyes is not achieved by the fight against war.. But by the acceptance of peace as a reality, by the relinquishment of fear. And to live life in this acceptance and act accordingly. Well knowing that we are fragile an not armed against war, accept for maybe the same miracle that made us become self aware. We now can become universally aware.. again… maybe this was what was spoken about in the garden of Eden.


Fuck the log and burn it up. I’ll poor you some wine and celebrate life with you while Jay fiddle’s with his Guitahr.. Ahhr Ahhrr maighty!!!


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